Message Broadcasting:

Our clients have had tremendous success with our message broadcasting services. Our message broadcast services allow us to contact a large population for less than $0.05 per call. We are able to contact up to 2 million people per day if needed, but typical campaigns are conducted over the course of several days to maximize contacts. Our message broadcasting rates break down like this:

1000 - 9,999 = $0.04 per call
10,000 - 99,999 = $0.027 per call
100,000+ = $0.02 per call
1 million + = $0.013 per call

For every 10,000 broadcasted messages we can break the campaigns down into 3 separate messages if desired. We attempt each number 3 times and have real time voicemail email relay capabilities. This means that if somebody opts to hear more or to be contacted by your firm, we will send that information via email real time as the call is placed. For an additional amount we are able to provide live call transfer as well.

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