Absolute Today helps individuals, companies, and non-profits create results. Our specialty is to help organizations and businesses achieve results they had not thought possible. We provide ideas and leadership to fine-tune processes, reduce error, engage all available populations, and increase your market share. We have a proven system that works and have done this since 2007.

Absolute Today maintains a strong focus on implementing the changes and work routines in the organisation which are necessary for achieving the breakthroughs. We work via management as well as on-site throughout the organization.

What sets Absolute Today apart is our approach as a whole, as we play the part of actively challenging the organization and staff in order to ensure that your business delivers results breakthroughs again and again.

What we do first of all is acknowledge and understand the following statement:

You know that your company can perform better.

But we believe that, in fact, most professionals are too busy in the business to work on the business. What we do is challenge you to look past your comfort zone and establish goals for your business that you never even dreamed before.

Then we help you realize the goals. You could be responsible for the company’s most outstanding results improvement ever.

All you have to do is give Absolute Today a call.

With competence, courage and passion we challenge our clients to rapidly learn and rapidly improve in order to achieve the breakthroughs needed to survive and thrive in today’s business climate.

Working with Absolute Today will not be a ’walk in the park’. We will push you to work smarter so you can work less (this is true). We teach you how to look at your organization with an outside pair of eyes, and how to teach other team members to do the same. We will be honest, it can be a painful process.

When the process kicks off we establish how far you want to take it. We will be satisfied only when you have stretched the goal and target definition so far that you don’t believe it anymore. Then we will prove to you that it is completely achievable.

We address processes that might become an obstacle to achieving your goals. Concerns big and small are addressed. We should you how to read and interpret data and make smart decisions, not knee-jerk decisions. Your business  company will become smarter, more streamlined and efficient.

Absolute Today will be there for long term cooperation and assistance, and we know that change can take time – that is why our projects typically range between 20-24 months or more to be completed, depending on the size of the organization and the nature of the task. Specific modules, modifying processes, custom software creation can be completed and implemented during shorter periods of time.

Absolute Today typically spends 1 morning or afternoon per week with our clients. We like to meet with the leadership team to discuss data and processes. This is where the majority of our time will be spent together identifying issues, broken processes, and reviewing data in order to effectively implement the methods, mindset, and approaches which will generate results for the organization.

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Absolute Today always work from the basis of the organization’s existing structure. It is very rare that something needs to be changed radically. Through our processes we will go through the following together:

Eliminating – That which clearly does not contribute to results targets or holds any necessity.

Minimizing – That which is necessary but does not contribute towards results targets.

Maintaining – That which already exist and works, and here we implement the changes and approaches needed to achieve progress in the processes.

Rapidly Improving – That which is already in place or is neglected, in order to deliver clear and measurable results that contribute specifically to achieving the overall goals.

Adding – New additions to work processes and leadership to enable the achievement of result breakthroughs and goals, and to ensure a sustainable positive development for the future.

Absolute Today has offices in Iowa and Oregon. However, our clients are from all across the USA and abroad.

For Absolute Today, it is all about results.

Absolute Today actively challenges leaders to look beyond their own (or industry) perceived limitations and identifying goals and objectives they never previously considered.

Cooperation with Absolute Today is not simply a desk study – together we go over your expectations and learn where you want your organization to go. Afterwards we will identify the necessary actions and implementations leading to the desired results and design the solutions to carry your business through to the goal.

But Absolute Today is more than just planning from a holistic perspective – seeing through a strategy is not only about implementation and seeing a result but something that must be taught and absorbed in order to be sustainable.

This is where Absolute Today’s strengths lie – we excel in challenging and encouraging you to establish impressive goals and achieving them as well. We work actively on implementing a rapid learning, rapid improvement approach throughout the organization.

Absolute Today’s general philosophy is that everyone is born with unique talents and gifts to offer the world. For some, it’s being a parent and raising physically and emotionally healthy children. For others, it’s doing volunteer work, or starting a business, or being a brilliant mechanic, or being an author. Each person is different. Absolute Today believes that every single person can discover and apply their unique skills and talents towards developing those gifts and sharing them in the world, they can have and provide a sense of purpose, happiness, and satisfaction.

If you need help with your non-profit or small business, we can help you. We are able to help organizations of nearly every size improve their processes, reduce error, and increase profitability.


Our focus is on small businesses. We have extensive experience in helping new businesses get started on the right foot from a communication perspective as well as assisting in bringing in more business.

The importance of what you’re communicating to new and current clients is imperative to the long term success of any organization.

We will make sure you are communicating effectively with prospective and current clients. From your logo to your marketing plan, we can and will ensure you’re communicating your brand, product, or service in the most efficient way possible.

Absolute Today can help you develop a marketing plan that will best achieve your goals and objectives. We also help brand your business in the most relevant light.


A review of the competition is essential to get a better understanding of the market and find a way to differentiate your business from the competition. Without knowing what the competition are doing, it’s impossible to stand out from them.

For us to help your small business stand out from the competition, with your assistance we find out who the competition is and what they do and make sure your business is branded entirely different from these. This will help show your target market what you do different and better than your competition.

This is one of the most important steps in marketing your business and brand in the most effective way. Without knowing what you do and who your competition is, it’s impossible to help you to stand out from the competition.

Simply put, coaching is about growing the person, the business owner, from the inside out. Coaching helps you to determine goals that match your highest potential, create a realistic plan to achieve those goals, discover how you self-sabotage your business, and be accountable for achieving goals within a planned time frame. While your coach might offer you insight and advice, the primary purpose of coaching is to empower YOU to learn how to create the business of your dreams.

Consulting brings the expertise of the consultant into the mix. A consultant offers information, advice, brainstorming and training. Look for a consultant who has achieved what you want to achieve, someone who is willing to share all their knowledge, wisdom and practical tips with you.

Let’s work with an example:

Say that you are working on your task plan for next month. A coach might ask you, “What tasks do you need to complete in the next month in order to achieve your monthly goals?,” encouraging you to set your own priorities. A consultant might say, “Here are some of the tasks you need to consider for the next month in order to achieve your monthly goals,” offering advice based on experience.

A coach-consultant does both. Absolute Today works both as a coach and as a consultant, to give you the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re on your own as a entrepreneur or have many employees, we can help you create and implement a realistic and powerful plan.

Absolute Today provides both coaching and consulting  services.

You need a coach if you want help:

  • organizing your thoughts
  • creating a practical and effective plan
  • prioritize goals and tasks
  • being more accountable for following through on tasks
  • maintaining high motivation even in the face of difficulties
  • understanding how you sabotage your efforts (and figuring out what to do about this self-sabotage)

You need a consultant if you want:

  • the advice and experience of someone who is successfully self-employed
  • to understand the basics of business planning and marketing
  • to learn business and marketing skills in a rapid fashion
  • to find ways to manage and follow-up on your business success

If you want help in both areas, you need both coaching and consulting. we strongly encourage our clients to use us as a coach-consultant. It is the best of both worlds.

In all cases, Absolute Today will:

  • Ask thought-provoking questions to encourage you to look at things in new ways
  • Really listen to what you say. Not only to the surface content of what you are saying, but also listening for the patterns, beliefs and feelings behind content
  • Give honest feedback on what we observe
  • Assign you “homework” to do between coaching sessions, only when appropriate

Here are some perennial topics that we often discuss with our clients:

  • How to know if you’re in the right business
  • How to get more clients
  • Brainstorming on a marketing plan that’s actually do-able by a small business owner
  • How to keep more profit from the revenue you’re earning
  • Exploring how internet marketing can build your business
  • How to balance the demands of being self-employed with your personal life

Absolute Today tends to ask a lot of questions, both to help us understand who you are and where you are at in your life, and also so that you can hear your own answers. We help clients discover the patterns of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in life, then tap their creativity and innate wisdom to figure out how to convert those limiting beliefs into a functional and exciting life vision. We use humor a lot, as we find that sometimes we can get so bogged down in our life that we fail to see the bigger picture (and the humor) of some of the situations we get ourselves into. Don’t get us wrong… We take the process very seriously, but a little laugh once in a while can brighten anyone’s life considerably.

Whether we’re talking about your business strategy, your marketing plan or your website design, YOU are in complete control. A good coach-consultant does not tell you exactly what to do; they brainstorm with you to use your own creativity when solving problems, and offers advice, guidance, and information when needed. You make your own decisions based on the total discussion; decisions that you can feel confident about implementing.

Your coach-consultant empowers you to create sound decisions and to feel confident about your decisions, but does not judge any decision you make. Strict honesty between the coach and client make all this possible.

Our clients fall into three categories:

  1. The first type of client is one who already has a business and wants to grow it or expand to new areas.
  2. The second type of client is just getting started in a new business, but knows exactly what business they wants to be in.
  3. The third type of client has several ideas for businesses, but they are not certain yet which one (or which combination) will work best for them, or if there’s something they hasn’t thought of yet that might be the best fit.

Ready to hire a small business consultant? Ready to take action and build your business?

Let’s talk. We offer a free 30-minute telephone conversation to determine how we can best benefit you and your business’ needs.


Managers and business leaders ought to master what is needed to perform on a daily basis and achieve ordinary budget targets. But here we are talking about achieving something way beyond the ordinary – your managers might actually be capable of this but our Qeep Coaches will get on board to ensure that they actually do.

It is as with fitness: everybody should exercise. Why don’t they?

Generally because they need a personal trainer or something to help you ensure it gets done and that you do it in the right way, with the right expectations and targets.

Yes, we have fired clients in a limited number of cases, for very specific reasons. We never fire a client without discussing the situation beforehand and giving them a chance to mend the problems. Reasons include:

  • Repeatedly not coming to the session prepared
  • Missing sessions without calling first
  • Habitually coming late to sessions
  • Illegal activities
  • Not taking responsibility for their own decisions
  • Not taking action on their decisions
  • Not paying on time
  • Needing psychotherapy, not coaching or consulting


As marketing consultants for small business, you can utilize Absolute Today on a one-time or ongoing basis to support your small organization with general marketing advice.

Absolute Today can help with your general marketing advice and assistance for organizations who are not sure what they’re after or how where to even begin with marketing. Overall, this service provides a broader range of services that you require for your small business on a one-time or ongoing basis.

We can give you our utmost professional opinion and advice in area of your business from a marketing and communication perspective and make sure you are communicating in the most effective way possible.

Marketing aims to broadcast your organization so that we can help you grow and be set apart from your competition.


Actually, this request is one we hear quite often from small businesses.

We let you, the business owner, concentrate on what you do best (we know how time poor you are) and provide you marketing services to help grow your business.

There are many marketing activities you can undertake depending on the type of small business or organization you are. The first step we will take is to sit with you to really understand your business, what it is you’re trying to communicate and how we can then help you achieve your business goals.

We will take a look at your current business marketing activities and the way you communicate your brand and make the necessary changes and adjustments moving forward.


Absolute Today works through a process, from looking at what your business and website is communicating, to how your site is built, what your website looks like, what the competition is doing and how your rankings compare, we can advise on the best way to move forward.

We will work with our own website deivision to implement this advice through your website and make the necessary adjustments to bring your website to life.

Adjustments could include making changes to your web copy to make your message simple and clear to understand. The layout and the services you are communicating may not be relayed in the most readable way, so we can help create a sleek and neat look and feel to your site that is easy to follow while still getting your message out there effectively.

Call or Text Absolute Today at 563-581-1030

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