About Us:

Absolute Today is a leading strategic business consulting services provider helping clients achieve increases in revenue, profit, market share, and customer loyalty objectives though unique and fresh strategies and systems.

Founded in 2007, Absolute Today has offices in Iowa and Oregon and is known for their ability to provide clients solutions to their business woes. From Bluetooth broadcasting, custom lead generation, email marketing, voice broadcasting, website development, search engine optimization, to data-mining, custom software development and business systems creation, and full service boutique telemarketing, Absolute Today has helped companies enter new markets, increase revenue in existing markets, and deliver their products and services more efficiently across various mediums.

Business is vast and ever changing. As such, every successful initiative must be dynamic, adaptable and forward thinking to keep the creative fresh, the message clear, and the audience interested. Thus, Absolute Today blends together and constantly monitors and optimizes each initiative to ensure that our clients yield the desired return on their investment.


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